Carbondale, a city in Southern Illinois seems to be on the brink of having food truck legislation approved. The ordinance which could be approved tonight will allow vendors to operate on public property. The key seems to be that  there were enough requests by the community that the city has worked to bring them food trucks outside of locations on private property. If approved, this will be a great example for other cities looking to legislate as the community wants them to.

CARBONDALE, IL — Food trucks, boundary lines, golf carts and alcohol — that is all on the agenda for the Carbondale City Council meeting tonight.

According to Carbondale Interim City Manager Gary Williams, his office and the city clerk’s office have been consistently receiving calls about the city’s laws regarding use of food trucks. Currently, he said the city code allows food trucks to operate as an itinerant vendor on private property with the property owner’s approval and a city license.

A proposed ordinance tonight would allow for food trucks on public property in specific areas of the city. Near the town square, Turley Park, Attucks Park and the Superblock Sports Multi-Complex are the proposed areas, according to the proposed ordinance.

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