OLYMPIA, WA –Food trucks caused a lunch rush mob scene at the state capitol in Olympia on Thursday, as operators are hungry for some changes in the regulations.

Several lawmakers said there’s an appetite at the legislature to make improvements. It was the first ever Food Truck Lobby Day – the mark of a flourishing industry.

“It’s huge,” said David Cobb of Skillet Street Food. “We’ve been in business for ten years.”

Jen Gustin of Boss Mama’s Kitchen is the new kid on the block.

“We are in our 8th month,” she said.

It is an industry that’s expected to continue booming.

Richard Houle, Bates Tech instructor chef said by 2020 it will be $14 billion nationally.


But, food truck operators say the different regulations from county to county are leaving a bad taste in their mouth. They say every county and city seem to have different rules.

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