OLYMPIA, WA – If you’ve been craving something to help wash down your favorite food-truck fare, you may soon be in luck.

Food trucks throughout the state could start serving beer and wine under a bill being considered in the state House.

The proposal from Rep. Chris Reykdal, D-Tumwater, would create a special license that would allow food trucks to serve alcohol. Reykdal told a House committee this month that letting food trucks offer beer and wine “would be pretty neat.”

“It’s unique food sometimes; it’s authentic in some cases,” Reykdal said. “I just think it’s a good business opportunity for them and probably good for those who consume it.”

Right now, beer and wine licenses are available for traditional-style restaurants that have a dedicated dining area.

House Bill 1108 would allow food trucks, which typically are mobile and serve food at outdoor locations, to apply for a similar license through the state Liquor Control Board.

Under Reykdal’s proposal, food trucks would be eligible for a beer and wine license as long as they have a designated outdoor seating area and serve alcohol only to those ordering food.

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