In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Torrance, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ottawa, New York and Chicago.

High School Food Truck

Nov 25

Torrance food-truck raid outrages fundraisers – TORRANCE, CA – One moment, 13 invited food trucks were serving hundreds of diners on a Torrance elementary school campus at an educational fundraiser.

The next moment, the long-planned event had come to a screeching halt, as police raided the gathering and issued citations to trucks without business licenses, prompting some to hurriedly head for the exits.

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Grilled Cheese Truck Vs. Coolhaus Truck: Road Testing Tastes – LOS ANGELES, CA – Picking a winning food truck is a matter of personal taste, experience, and, in teevee land, done through a series of contrived challenges. So how about in terms of the rides themselves? When it comes to two of the the most popular food trucks in Los Angeles–and maybe even the nation–The Grilled Cheese Truck and the Coolhaus Truck, if they went head to head in a comparison test like what cars are put through, who would serve up a tasty win?

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Nov 26

Restaurants want to put brakes on food trucks – SAN FRANCISCO, CA– At first, the Tempest Bar’s Tony Cooney welcomed Off The Grid, a convergence of five to six food trucks that parked several feet away from his Natoma Street restaurant every Wednesday.

“Our lunch crowd was down by about 75 percent,” he said. “But it was cool. They were bringing people to the area and it was good for the community.”

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Food truck fever rolls into high school culinary class – OTTAWA, CANADA – Why are there so few street-food trucks in the nation’s capital?

It’s a question that’s been nagging lovers of easy, fast and user-friendly finger victuals since the city lowered a moratorium on new street-food vendors 15 years ago. And it’s a policy that Grade 11 culinary arts students at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School in Barrhaven want to see overturned.

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Nov 27

The rise and stall of food trucks – NEW YORK CITY, NY – Operators face more competition, as well as stricter enforcement of parking rules.

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Bergstein’s takes Chicago Heights deli on the road – CHICAGO, IL – It’s a brisk Wednesday morning, but the chill doesn’t seem to affect foot traffic in Chicago’s Loop.

Bill Davis no sooner parks his customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter truck along the west side of Wacker Drive at Monroe Street when passers-by start to congregate.

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