Off the Wire Food Truck NewsIn our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Wilmington, Fargo, Kansas City, Lexington and Providence.

August 16

Food trucks head to city council – WILMINGTON, NC – Six months after Patty Wagon food truck owner James Smith filed for some standards his business could follow to finally operate feasibly in Wilmington’s limits, the city council has a proposal to decide.

On the agenda for the board’s regular meeting Tuesday is a public hearing and vote on a local ordinance that would set a menu of regulations for food trucks, which currently aren’t even defined in the city’s code book.

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Mobile food trucks are popping up in the area – FARGO, ND – Mobile food trucks are giving our area a big city feel. Almost a dozen have popped up in the last year.

It’s something you typically see in a big city or on the food network.

Octavio Gomez- Taco Brothers: “I think people are interested in trying out something new and when they have an opportunity to do so you just have to lock in their taste buds.”

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August 17

 More getting on board the food truck business – KANSAS CITY, KS – For Adrian Santiago, a food truck could be a means to eventually owning a restaurant.

Santiago owns El Pollo Dorado, which often can be found at the corner of 21st and Wellington Place. It specializes in chicken, ribs and tacos.

“The reason I started the food truck was because I didn’t see much competition, especially with the chicken,” Santiago said through a translator. “I wanted to do some market research to see how it works before actually investing in a restaurant.”

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Food trucks now allowed at Lexington industrial and warehouse businesses – LEXINGTON, KY – People who work in industrial zones in Lexington may soon have a new lunch option.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council approved a zone change Thursday that allows food trucks to operate on properties zoned for wholesale and warehouse business, light and heavy industrial and economic development uses.

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August 18

Peddling pudding pops is a matter of endurance for Providence vendor – PROVIDENCE, RI – A dog on a leash startles as a strange-looking machine rounds the corner of Brook Street.

As the machine turns onto Transit Street on this quiet, sun-dappled Saturday morning, the dog backs away in confusion.

“Dogs don’t know what to make of me,” says Val, the Pudding Pop Gal, as she pedals her ungainly three-wheeled bicycle cart, threading her way through the streets to avoid the steepest hills.

A large metal box covered with stickers is attached to the front, like the prow of a ship, pulling her forward with the weight of a few hundred pounds of pudding pops and dry ice. On the front of the box is a wooden flower box. On the back is strapped a green milk crate, filled with supplies. A folded teal and white umbrella thrusts up from the double set of handlebars, like a ship’s mast.

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