In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Wichita, Modesto, Chicago, Toronto, Dallas and New York.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsAugust 9

Food trucks help make Wichitans’ restaurant dreams come true – WICHITA, KS – Starting any business requires money and risk, but some local entrepreneurs have found a way to lower the barrier to entry in the food-service business — food trucks.

The Wichita Business Journal’s cover story this week looks at growth in the number of Wichita food trucks and the awareness about them.

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Modesto ponders regulating its food trucks – MODESTO, CA – Modesto has a number of taco trucks and a cupcake truck, but has not experienced an explosion of mobile food vendors like the variety seen in Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento and other big cities.

Nonetheless, we think and hope they’ll be coming.

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August 10

Food Truck 101 – CHICAGO, IL – The budget for launching a food truck is a bit like a restaurant tab. When the bill arrives at the end of the meal, the number at the bottom is often bigger than you’d expected.

“With food trucks . . . it’s going to cost 20 percent more and take twice as long,” says Dan Salls, 25, owner of the Salsa Truck. “Very few people come in under budget and on time.”

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Send in the food trucks – TORONTO, CANADA – Coun. Josh Colle wants to see a Tov-Li food truck near Toronto’s Union station. Or a Dr. Laffa truck rolling down Bloor Street.

And King David’s pizza?

“I’d love for King David’s to do a truck,” said Colle, who’s no stranger to Jewish cuisine as the councillor for Eglinton-Lawrence, also known as Ward 15.

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August 11

Popular Dallas food trucks open restaurants at iconic shopping malls – DALLAS, TX – It’s a sweet story of food truck success, as two Dallas food trucks expand from mobile to permanent restaurant status. Coincidentally, both new restaurants are in shopping malls.

Nammi, already open at Valley View Center, comes from Teena Nguyen and Gary Torres, owners of the highly popular Vietnamese food truck of the same name. The restaurant offers the truck menu, including the award-winning Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, plus new dishes created specifically for the restaurant.

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NY Food Trucks Selling Phony Marijuana Pops – NEW YORK, NY – Selling marijuana from a New York food truck would be completely illegal, but there’s apparently no law against pretending to do so. Weed World Candies joined New York’s food truck scene with an unbeatable business model: Selling allegedly marijuana-spiked candy from a fleet of bright green vans and Hummers to gullible New Yorkers. It would, of course, be illegal, except that the trucks are actually just selling regular candy.

Not that the vendors are owning up to any of that.

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