In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from San Luis Obispo, Houston, New York and Columbus.

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December 14

Haute food, hot wheels – San Luis Obispo, CA – Classically trained chef Anna Andriese serves up quick gourmet eats from the comfort of her eye-catching food truck.

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New restaurant with food truck cred opens with graffiti art, killer coffee and a medieval castle vibe – Houston, TX – After months of renovating the former Kraftsmen Bakery location on Montrose, food truck darlings The Eatsie Boys opened the doors of their anticipated new brick-and-mortar cafe on Thursday.

Armed with their trademark comfort food and oddball ice cream flavors, the E-Boys will be testing the waters for the next week with a limited menu highlight their food truck favorites alongside a handful of new creations. The gang has ventured into the coffee world as well (with Greenwaybeans, no less).

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December 15

Red hook lobster pound sees opportunity after hurricane – New York, NY – Susan Povich wanted to fry. Ever since she and her husband, Ralph Gorham, opened the Red Hook Lobster Pound nearly four years ago, customers have invariably asked if they could have fries with their lobster rolls. To which the owners, not in possession of a deep fryer, could only reply, “No.”

But after their restaurant in Brooklyn was trounced by Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters and every piece of equipment in it destroyed, the couple saw opportunity in rebuilding. They would make the lobster pound better. Povich and Gorham would finally install a bathroom for customers. They would replace flood-vulnerable boilers with rooftop heating equipment.

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December 16

Playing on food-truck craze, merchants to take to the road to peddle wares – COLUMBUS, OH – Several years ago, Josh Harden made an impulse buy via Craigslist: a battered 1968 Avion trailer with a worn interior featuring shag carpeting and needing an aroma fix.

“I literally got it down by the river in Cincinnati,” said Harden, of Columbus, who paid $3,000 for it.

He drove the silver behemoth cross-country for seven months, acquiring thousands of thrift-store T-shirts on the cheap, then flipping the retro finds for a tidy profit on eBay to cover food and fuel costs.

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