In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Phoenix, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and York.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsDecember 20

Food trucks: Good route to opening a restaurant? – PHOENIX, AZ – The food-truck phenomenon is taking over, from Food Network programs to weekly gatherings of food trucks of all kinds here in Phoenix.

But the trucks, which dish up everything from exotic fare to American staples, are expensive, and whether or not the investment ultimately pays off from a business standpoint depends on the restaurateur.

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Ricky’s Fish Tacos debuts new food truck: It’s go time – LOS ANGELES, CA – Ricky’s Fish Tacos is finally legit. As of noon today, Ricky Pina, who makes some of the best fish tacos in Southern California, started handing out orders from a state-of-the-art, diesel-fueled shiny food truck. It’s a big move from a makeshift tarp and fold-up tables in a parking lot.

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December 21

New CapMac owner says truck could return to GW by February – WASHINGTON DC – The new CapMac owner has more good news for mac and cheese fans – not only will the truck return within a few weeks, but GW will also be one of its first stops.

Twenty-one-year-old Josh Warner said the popular food truck will hit the streets by February, and may choose GW as its first location to usher in the new ownership.

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December 22

York hot dog vendor worries about license lottery, future of his business – YORK, PA – The last few weeks have been an “emotional roller coaster ride” for Darren Borodin.

The single father of three has spent the past two years selling hot dogs on Continental Square in York City, a business that generates enough income to support his family and leaves enough time to put his kids on the school bus in the morning and tuck them in at night.

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