In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Rochester, Arlington, Mexico, Paris and Riverside.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsDecember 6

Food truck pilot project may be extended – ROCHESTER, NY – Rochester’s test drive with food trucks downtown could be extended through March, giving City Council and Mayor-elect Lovely Warren’s incoming administration time to review an evaluation report expected at year’s end.

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FOOD TRUCK DEBATE KEEPS ROLLING ON – ARLINGTON, VA – Food trucks are revving their engines, ready to roll out in Alexandria despite recent setbacks.

As city officials discuss letting food trucks operate in Alexandria, the popular mobile eateries remain banned on private and public property in the city, with the exception of construction sites. Yet armed with updated special event and health code permits, food trucks can make occasional appearances in the Port City.

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December 7

The food trucks conquer Mexican streets – MEXICO – Mexico can be convinced that a revolution in the way you eat Mexican, the food trucks have multiplied in Mexico as an alternative to the typical street food, although still without permits and face the gangs that dominate the streets. 

They’re more hygienic, they have more variety of dishes, do not pollute or clog because they move from one place to another and are not as expensive as a restaurant, these are the main advantages highlighted by some of the owners these trucks interviewed by EFE. 

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Parisians are embracing the burger – PARIS, FRANCE – Mustachioed servers in plaid shirts and caps — French clichés come to life — called lunch orders as a throng of hungry hipsters lurched forward at Big Fernand. The house special that had customers lining up? The hamburger. Make that the hamburgé. In a marketing move worthy of a “Saturday Night Live” skit, the restaurant has instituted its own name for the simple sandwich, which Parisians are embracing citywide whether with Tomme de Savoie cheese or with good old cheddar.

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December 8

Food trucks may get green light Tuesday – RIVERSIDE, CA — Restrictions against food trucks in Riverside County from selling fried, barbecued, broiled, grilled or other items prepared on wheels may be repealed by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries in June proposed eliminating provisions in Ordinance No. 580, which limits food trucks to selling only packaged foods, ice cream, roasted nuts and steam-cooked hot dogs. Jeffries called the restrictions anti-business and anti-competitive, noting that in neighboring Los Angeles and Orange counties, no such prohibitions exist.

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