In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Paris, Arlington, Cleveland and Asheville.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsFebruary 14

Putting The French In Fast Food – PARIS, FRANCE — No matter how many hungry stomachs it has satisfied, that rotating vertical grill has caused so many cases of indigestion that it is now usually approached with caution. But outside the Grillé restaurant, on rue Saint Augustin, an upper-class artery of the French capital, people are lining up with different expectations in front of the meat cylinder for a different kind of döner kebab.

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Food cart practices in focus at Arlington Central Library – ARLINGTON, VA – Arlington Economic Development and the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will take a look at the mobile food business Wednesday.

Osiris Hoil, owner of District Taco, will talk about food-cart best practices. Officials from Arlington County’s health, police and revenue departments will talk about regulations.

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February 15

Umami Moto Food Truck Passed on to New Concept Wok n Roll – CLEVELAND, OH – “We just sold Umami Moto food truck and we’ll be traveling the country running the Stouffer’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese truck,” explains Jae Stulock, who launched Umami with Sandy Madachik three years ago.

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February 16

Overwintering food trucks in Asheville – ASHEVILLE, NC – In 2010, hopeful food truck vendors were fighting for their right to a free market exchange. Aspiring entrepreneurs were busily lobbying the city to be allowed to vend falafel, barbecue sandwiches or hot cups of espresso in the central business district.

Nearly two years since Asheville’s first food truck lot opened downtown, mobile food vendors are still finding challenges to contend with. And one of the biggest hurdles to a steady cash flow, they say, is bad weather.

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