In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Alexandria, Indianapolis, Tuscan and San Diego.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsFebruary 7

Food Truck Fever – ALEXANDRIA, VA – When an idea for a restaurant transforms from a dream you’ve yammered on about for years into a reality, the soon-to-be-restaurateur needs to make a real real-estate decision. Location is usually the first factor considered. We made ours 10 years ago, before food trucks roamed the earth.

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Food truck business struggles in cold weather – INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Old man winter has hit Hoosiers hard this year, and one segment of the business community is really taking it on the chin.

The snow and frigid temps are making it nearly impossible for mobile food businesses to keep on trucking.

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February 8

Don’t call ’em “roach coaches”: Food trucks safe and clean – TUSCAN, AZ – Thinking about passing up that gourmet food truck in the parking lot for the cleaner restaurant down the street? Think again.

Commonly known on the streets of Tucson as “roach coaches,” food trucks are just as sanitary as restaurants, a Star analysis shows.

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February 9

City Council to Consider Food Truck Restrictions – SAN DIEGO, CA – You could be seeing fewer food trucks around San Diego if city council passes new regulations.

On Wednesday, council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee will consider the restrictions.

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