In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Reno, Napa Valley, New York City, San Francisco and Australia.

GourMelt Reno Food truck

Jan 6

Food Truck Owners to Meet With Reno City Council – Reno, NV – Last month, mobile, food vendors in our area received a proposed food ordinance from the City of Reno, but some local food truck owners have written a counterproposal.

Nancy Horn, with Dish Café said she and her husband are opening a food truck this spring. She said when they received the food ordinance proposed by the City, they decided to round up other mobile, food vendors.

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Planners seek more time to chew on sandwich truck proposal – Napa Valley, CA – A well-cured pastrami sandwich can seemingly melt in the mouth. But whether to allow a delicatessen on wheels in downtown Napa is proving a tough matter for city planners to chew on.

On Thursday night, the Planning Commission delayed a decision on granting a use permit to Pastranomy, a food truck whose owners hope to set up shop in a private parking lot at the northeast corner of Main and Clinton streets.

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Jan 7

Japadog takes a bite out of Big Apple – New York City, NY – Japadog, Vancouver’s outrageously quirky hotdog chain, has opened a storefront restaurant in New York City.

Noriki Tamura, a former Tokyo ad salesman, and his wife Misa started their first Japadog food cart in Vancouver at the corner of Burrard Street and Smithe within a year of immigrating to Canada in 2005.

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Food Fights and Free Enterprise – It is sometimes said, following Milton Friedman’s insight, that business is not a friend to the free market, and the truth of this is no more evident than in recent battles between established restaurateurs and operators of mobile eateries.

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Jan 8

Mobile food craze clashes with Bay Area brick-and-mortar restaurants – SF Bay Area, CA – From Alice Waters to Michael Mina, the San Francisco Bay Area has become a mecca for innovative chefs and the food connoisseurs who follow them. But when it comes to one culinary trend, the area is still catching up.

Food trucks — already popular alternatives to brick-and-mortar restaurants in cities such as Los Angeles, Portland and Washington, D.C. — are rolling into parking lots and plazas in San Francisco and across the Peninsula in increasing numbers.

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Jamie Oliver food truck rolls out in Queensland – Australia – As Jamie Oliver’s Australian PRs prepare to announce the timing of an Australian visit by the pukka chef later this year his presence will be felt soon in Queensland with the kick off of his Ministry of Food program next week.

A 14 metre truck containing the Ministry of Food mobile kitchen and classroom on wheels will begin operation on January 20 with the city of Logan the first to be visited.

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