In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from San Francisco, New Orleans, St Louis, Austin, Vancouver and Duluth.

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July 27

Off the Grid wins legal dispute, food trucks return – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Food trucks scored a major victory this week in an ongoing turf war with San Francisco restaurants. Diners love the variety these trucks offer, but nearby restaurants say they can’t compete with their low overhead.

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COALITION OF THE FILLING – NEW ORLEANS, LA – On Tuesday evening, a fleet of our city’s food trucks are looking to tout their cause with education and edibles. Under the banner of the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition the carts will congregate at the Ashe Cultural Arts Center on 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. for a Food Truck Rally.

The gathering’s purpose is to promote reform of current city laws, which the participating purveyors say hinder the national food truck takeoff from flourishing in New Orleans, through the best way to prove a point – a delicious meal.

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July 28

Food trucks still on a roll – ST LOUIS, MO – They’ve coped with a record-making heat wave. They’ve tangled with restaurants, politicians and cranky corporate cafeterias, all the while jockeying for prime vending spaces.

Yet, despite the challenges and some attrition in recent months, the area’s food trucks keep riding their self-propelled trend – and, in some cases, are proving to be strategic business tools.

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Food truck caters to Austin dogs – AUSTIN, TX – One of Austin’s most unique forms of cuisine is going to the dogs. A new food truck will now cater just to Austinite’s four-legged friends.

Bow-Wow Chow opened to the public on Saturday. While there are plenty of dog-friendly food trucks in Austin, this one is the first to serve a canine-only cuisine.

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July 29

Hungry crowds line up for food trucks – VANCOUVER, CANADA – First in a summer series, the Food Cart Fest swallowed up the parking lot at an east Vancouver hotel Sunday, drawing thousands of people eager to absorb rich aromas and upbeat music beneath blue skies.

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Hot trend hits Duluth streets as entrepreneurs feed customers on the go – DULUTH, MN – Jodi Timmersman has been a substitute teacher looking for a full-time job. So with prospects not looking great for landing one this fall, she hit the bricks.

“If someone told me I’d be pushing around a hot dog cart,” she says, laughter cutting short her sentence.

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