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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Tampa, Peoria, Sacramento, Houston, Portland and Chapel Hill.

June 15

‘Man vs. Food’ Star Brings Food Truck to South Tampa – Tampa, FL – Kentucky Honey Tea Sliders anyone? For those not yet in the know, Tampa Bay is being sought after as a premier food city.

Travel Channel food celebrity Adam Richman, best known for “Man vs. Food,” has teamed with Red Stag by Jim Beam to offer an unusual food truck tour that features a menu designed by Richman himself.

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3 Food Trucks Is 3 Too Many for Peoria – Peoria, IL – Looks like the fine folks of Peoria won’t be chowing down on kimchi tacos anytime soon. This week, the city council of the Illinois metropolis voted down a proposal to offer three (three!) permits to food truck operators. It’s not like the trucks were going to be allowed to run wily nilly around the city.

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June 16

New Facebook Feature Upsets Marketing Plans of Local Businesses – Sacramento, CA – A few months ago small business owners were pounding their keyboards, concerned about Facebook’s ‘timeline’ switch upsetting their marketing plans.

Now another new Facebook feature’s got some users perturbed right here in the Sacramento area.

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Get to know Houston food trucks – Houston, TX – It’s a school bus, it’s a delivery van, no, it’s a food truck. Taco trucks have long been a part of Houston food culture, but these days gourmet food mobiles are taking to the streets by the dozens. Between the gumbo, Mexican-Korean fusion and meat on a stick, it’s hard to know where to start. Just follow your belly’s lead.

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June 17

Food Truck Reality Show Shoots in Maine – Portland, ME – Food Trucks are currently illegal in the Portland, but the city made an exception this weekend for a Food Network reality show.

The Great Food Truck Race is shooting its season finale in Portland. This season, the show has chefs who are trying to break into the food truck business competing to win a food truck of their own. The top two teams rolled into town Saturday night, and Sunday they went head to head on Commercial Street to try to get the most customers. The show’s executive producer says Portland is one of three New England locations for the finale. Stopping in Boston was a given, but producers were surprised when they found out how much culinary culture Maine had to offer.

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CHTC Member Set To Petition For Food Truck Regulation Changes – Chapel Hill, NC – The Chapel Hill Town Council passed an ordinance allowing food trucks to do business within certain boundaries that took place March 1.

Since it took effect, no one has applied for a permit and the general consensus is that the fees and regulations are not worth it. Council member Lee Storrow says he is going to propose a change.

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