In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from San Diego, Seattle, Chapel Hill, Dickinson and Saugerties.

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June 8

Food Trucks Forced Out of Downtown – San Diego, CA – Food trucks made a brief appearance in downtown San Diego last month, only to be told to leave two days after their arrival.

In an attempt to start a twice-a-week food truck gathering, four trucks planned to assemble twice a week during peak lunch hours in the nucleus of downtown: across from the Civic Center. The small group of trucks was able to park in an ACE parking lot on May 23 and 25 for a flat fee of $50 per truck.

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Food truck given the boot for selling non-Starbucks coffee – Seattle, WA – There’s a coffee war brewing at the Starbucks Center in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood.

A food truck vendor was kicked off the property Thursday because he was selling coffee that was not Starbucks.

Food trucks are now open for business at the Starbucks Center parking lot, selling items from spicy tacos to barbecue ribs.

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June 9

Chapel Hill’s new food truck rules attract no takers – Chapel Hill, NC – Six months after Chapel Hill let food trucks in, they still haven’t come.

The town has received zero permit applications from food truck owners since the Town Council created a new set of rules for them in late January.

Food truck vendors say the high fees and permitting costs are the main reason they’ve stayed away, but the town also has tight restrictions on where trucks can park, making it even harder to do business.

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Check Please!: Food trailers must meet same standards as restaurants – Dickinson, ND – On the surface, food trailers are restaurants on wheels with standards as strict as any sit-down eatery.

Kevin Pavlish, environmental health practitioner with the Southwestern District Health Unit, said food trailers undergo an extensive review, the same as restaurants looking to operate in the area.

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June 10

Village wants to limit food trucks – Saugerties, NY – In an effort to safeguard the approximately one dozen restaurants in town from food trucks setting up shop in village parking lots, the Saugerties Village Board is expected to approve a moratorium on the vehicles at its June 18 meeting.

Speaking at the board’s May 31 year-end business meeting, and again at Monday night’s workshop meeting, Mayor William Murphy said there have been a number of people asking to bring food trucks, the type that sell hot dogs, hamburgers and in one case, tacos, into the village.

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