OTW LogoIn our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Seattle, Worcester, Gainsville and Hermiston.

March 15

Established restaurants, too, hitting streets with food trucks – SEATTLE, WA – In a reversal, established brick-and-mortar restaurants are taking to the streets in food trucks, trying to extend their brands and reach new diners.

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Food trucks hit a nerve with city – WORCESTER, MA – im Donoghue and Alec Lopez are in the same line of work; both own restaurants and are used to the tireless work and endless hours that go into making their businesses successful. When it comes to whether the city should ease its restrictions on mobile food vendors, however, the two men come down on opposite sides. It is not unlike the City Council, where there is dissension among the ranks over one councilor’s call to take another look at an ordinance that clamped down on where food trucks and carts can set up. Some say the time has come, others say the rules were changed for a reason.

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March 16

Second Food Truck Rally goes more smoothly – GAINSVILLE, FL – Michael Musoke stepped down from his food truck, Off the Griddle, and looked at the line of about 50 people waiting to try his food.

His jaw dropped.

“Wow,” he said, smiling.

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March 17

Mobile Vendors Consider New Regulations – HERMISTON, OR – Luis Diaz can see his home as he cooks up meat for the lunch rush in his mobile taco truck each morning.

He owns and operates Tacos Xavi, a mobile food truck, and his business is parked next to a shoe store on North First Street in Hermiston. It’s just steps from his back yard.

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