In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Washington DC, Charlotte, Nashville, Kansas City, Detroit and San Antonio.

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March 16

DC food trucks gear up for the summer months, a review – WASHINGTON DC – Its no secret that the food truck revolution is upon us. Just a few years ago a food truck was something you would see along the National Mall supplying hot dogs and soft pretzels in a mindless fashion. Not anymore.

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How to track the food trucks – CHARLOTTE, NC – As the food truck scene in Charlotte continues to grow, we wanted a way to let readers know more about them and where they’ll be.

So Observer database reporter Gavin Off came up with a way to show you, on a daily basis.

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March 17

Final challenge begins in Biscuit Love food truck scavenger hunt – NASHVILLE, TN – Think of it as a golden ticket, Willy Wonka-style. But in this case, it’s a biscuit.

As the latest food truck called Biscuit Love prepares to hit the streets of Nashville next month, chef/owners Sarah and Karl Worley are hiding “golden biscuits” around town and posting clues to the scavenger hunt on the truck’s twitter feed.

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Revving up the market for Cajun – KANSAS CITY, MO – Transplanted New Orleanians are Mark Drouin’stoughest critics.

Drouin is owner of Cajun Cabin

(, and on Facebook and Twitter), and you can find his brick-red truck parked at Hospital Hill over the lunch hour, roughly 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., several days a week, depending on weather.

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March 18

Dago Joe’s food truck rolls away with business from nearby Checker Bar & Grill – DETROIT, MI – Joe Sciamanna is an engaging and energetic guy who’s brought bright colors and ravioli to a dull gray corner of downtown. His neighbor wants him to get lost.

Ask him why he opened where he did and he spreads his arms and twirls, like Julie Andrews dancing through the verdant hills at the start of “The Sound of Music.” The sightlines, the skyscrapers: “How could I be anywhere else?”

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Gas, food prices taking a bite out of food trucks’ bottom line – SAN ANTONIO, TX – As gas prices creep closer to $4 a gallon, the rising cost is taking a bite out of the bottom line for food truck vendors.

Rickshaw Stop is always on the go but gas is costing them about 20 percent more than it used to.

“When I’m out, I have to run the generator. So if we’re running it six, seven hours a day, that’s fuel. Not just driving there, but powering the truck,” owner Sameer Siddiqui said.

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