OTW LogoIn our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Sunrise, Washington DC, Fort Wayne, Wilmington and Raleigh.

May 31

Food truck controversy still simmering in Sunrise – SUNRISE, FL – Arlon Kennedy and his wife hawk homemade chicken wings from their “Auntie Trish” food truck — but not in Sunrise.

Gourmet food trucks are virtually outlawed in the city thanks to a longtime ban on outdoor sales that has so far been a roadblock for the rolling restaurants.

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D.C. Council panel rejects food-truck regulations – WASHINGTON DC – A D.C. Council committee Friday rejected a set of proposed vending regulations that food-truck owners had argued would cripple their budding industry.

Four members of the council’s Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Committee voted against the rules, saying they did not do enough to protect food-truck operators.

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June 1

The Growing Craze of Food Trucks Hits Home – FORT WAYNE, IN – It’s summertime in Fort Wayne, meaning it’s time to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the finest foods the city has to offer… even if it comes from a truck.

Over the past year 12 food trucks have popped up around the Summit City with each truck offering a number of specialty menu options ranging from Cajun to prime beef to some American classics like hot dogs and hamburgers.

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Will Wilmington food trucks get a smoother ride? – WILMINGTON, NC –  For Wilmington food trucks, the squeaky wheel may be getting the grease.

Food truck operators have asked the city to loosen restrictions that they say inhibit their businesses. On Wednesday, the city’s planning commission will consider new rules that would give food trucks more freedom.

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June 2

Norfolk finds appetites vary for food trucks elsewhere – RALEIGH, NC – The line sprawling in front of the bright yellow Chirba Chirba food truck was at least 50 people deep and growing by the minute, despite the abiding North Carolina heat and, in some cases, impending one-hour wait.

The Chinese-themed truck – with a Mandarin name that means “eat eat” – was serving its tempting dumplings to a throng of self-proclaimed foodies looking for a fix.

Such was the scene all along Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh last month as more than 10,000 people filled the street for the capital city’s first Food Truck Rodeo.

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