In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Washington DC, Portland, Miami, West Hartford, Sunrise and Albuquerque.


November 16

Food Trucks Propose Buying Parking Permits to Avoid Racking Up Tickets WASHINGTON DC – Public comments on the District’s proposed food truck regulations were due Tuesday, and among the ideas submitted by the food truck lobby is one that would allow mobile food vendors to buy parking permits that would free them from the burden of having to constantly feed the meter.

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Gourmet meals on wheels – PORLAND, ME – One of the hottest trends in dining is on wheels.

Food trucks are becoming an increasingly popular family dining option.

Although the fast food prices are comparable to restaurants, the “good stuff,” the gourmet fare, is cheaper.

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November 17

Food Truck Regulation: What’s Going On Behind the Scenes – Miami, FL – Inspection reports from different food trucks in Miami-Dade County reveal inspectors often find multiple critical violations

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Man steals Chinese food delivery truck and continues making deliveries – West Hartford, CT – In one of the most bizarre stories of the year, a man in West Hartford, CT recently stole a Chinese food delivery truck with the engine still running and, much to the surprise of customers who had been informed by the restaurant owner that they wouldn’t receive their orders, had the courtesy of finishing off the deliveries!

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November 18

Food-Truck Ban Proposed by Sunrise Commissioner – SUNRISE, FL – Sunrise Commissioner Joseph Scuotto says food truck vendors have no base in the city and should not be allowed to just roll in and out

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Curbside competition – ALBUQUERQUE  NM – Art Alexander’s rule is simple: Get there first, and the spot is yours.

Such is life running a food truck in Albuquerque, where vendors can, for the most part, set up anywhere but private property.

On a recent weeknight, Alexander had a great spot — just a few feet away from the entrance to Tractor Brewing in Nob Hill. And he wasn’t interested in hearing any complaints about it from other vendors.

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