In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, New York and London.


November 9

D.C. food truck owners steamed over proposed parking rules – WASHINGTON DC – The language in question from the District’s proposed vending regulations sounds innocuous enough: Food trucks may not vend from a parking spot adjacent to an “unobstructed sidewalk” that is “less than ten feet (10 ft.) wide in the Central Business District.”

But since the publication of the proposed regulations in October, members of the D.C. Food Truck Association have been trying to determine what those words could mean for their businesses. And what they’ve learned has unnerved them: Eight of the 10 most popular food truck destinations downtown do not technically comply with the proposed rule as written, according to research done by the association.

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Despite the Cold Weather, Food Trucks to Remain Open Year-Round at SoWa – BOSTON, MA – SoWa Open Market celebrated its last hurrah of 2012 in October, but one of the best parts of the market is staying open all winter.

Beginning Sunday, November 11th, local food trucks will flock to SoWa for a year-long Food Truck Court every Sunday. The trucks will be stationed inside the restored power station at 540 Harrison Ave, so you can enjoy your food truck fare safe from the elements of New England’s winter.

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November 10

Grand Hyatt SF Debuts New Restaurant and Food Truck – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Marking the near completion of the hotel’s multi-phased $70 million dollar renovation, Grand Hyatt San Francisco is introducing OneUP Restaurant & Lounge, a CCS Architecture-designed open kitchen restaurant and upscale bar, slated to open on Nov. 14, 2012. Grand Hyatt San Francisco will also provide a cuisine preview with the launch the city’s first hotel-operated food truck, delivering a sampling of OneUP’s Northern California-influenced, American bistro cuisine across the city.

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Food Trucks to the Rescue – NEY YORK, NY – As Hurricane Sandy spread its path of destruction in New York City, there was suddenly an urgent need for a fleet of expensively equipped, city-inspected, self-sufficient mobile food-delivery vehicles that could flee to high ground during the flooding and the winds, then drive to dispense hot meals to the hungry in devastated neighborhoods.

That exotic vehicle already existed. It is called the food truck.

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November 11

Street Food Everywhere and Not a Pitch in Sight – LONDON, ENGLAND – It is no secret that street food in London is thriving. Every month new traders hit the scene with mind boggling new concepts and taste combinations crazy enough to make Heston think twice. And almost every time we trade someone else comes up to the van asking how we got going, how we make it work, what advice we have for someone looking to jack in their day job and make their living from food. Just the other day we gave a talk at an Escape the City event to one hundred food-preneurs about quitting the office and taking those first daunting steps to starting our own business.

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