In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend.

Oct 7

Food truck owners navigate city rules to operate in Wilmington – WILMINGTON, NC – Ed Coulbourn III said it would be a slow day. But before 1 p.m. Tuesday a crowd of hungry men – and a couple of women – gathered around the red trailer parked on the north side of Oleander Drive next to Red Wing Shoes.

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Battle of the Food Truck Battles, Plus a Battle Over Food Trucks – NASHVILLE, TN – How much food could a food truck truck if a food truck could truck food? A lot. And the rolling restaurants have proliferated to the point that I saw the Meres Bulles vehicular unit parked outside an otherwise unassuming office-supply store the other day.

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Oct 8

IE Food Truck and Brew Fest draws thousands in Ontario – ONTARIO, CA – The IE Food Truck and Brew Fest drew thousands to feast on specialty grilled cheese, hot dogs, gourmet cupcakes and, in the latest addition to the event, craft beers from Southern California breweries.

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O.C. food truck to open brick and mortar shop – WEST COVINA, CA – Orange County food truck Tropical Shave Ice is going brick and mortar with a Hawaiian treat shop in West Covina.

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Oct 9

Restored ’62 Chevy dispenses fine foods and espresso – AUBURN, CA – Having a restaurant on wheels is the fulfillment of a longtime dream for Deb Arbogast. “I’ve wanted a food truck for 10 years and finally got to do it,” she said. “I like to dine there and I’ve always wanted it. It’s just cool.”

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MODERN KITCHEN: Ex-sergeant cooks up hot dish on wheels – GRAND FORKS, ND – Food trucks are not exactly known for producing gourmet fare. Scott “Skip” Haag is out to change that.

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