In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Jacksonville, Baltimore, Napa Valley, Columbus, Birmingham and Auburn.

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September 14

Food trucks to appear at Jaguars games – Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville food trucks will be a part of the experience at Jacksonville Jaguars games this year.

Jax Truckies and the Jaguars partnered up to create the “Truck of the Week” program at each home game. The truck will park inside the Fan Entertainment Zone inside the stadium’s south end zone starting Sept. 16 when the Houston Texans come to Jacksonville, according to a news release.

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Not everyone in Little Italy loves the food trucks – Baltimore, MD – Not everybody loves those food-truck rallies. Residents in Little Italy received a sarcasm-laced flier in their mailboxes, from parties unknown, protesting the Friday night event in their neighborhood.

The letter is written as if from (fictional) greedy and thoughtless promoters of the event. “Please support us, instead of your local residents.” the letter concludes, “Sincerely, non-property owners/non-renters, non-residents.”

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September 15

City fervor to regulate food trucks cools – Napa Valley, CA – The long-awaited food truck ordinance that had been the talk of the city for more than a year is on the back burner and may not materialize anytime soon, according to city staff.

The issue bubbled up in early 2011 after a food-truck round-up event, Food Truck Fridays, drew the ire of city officials who said it did not comply with city rules and created fresh problems.

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Fat Chicks’ truck slows, Sunflower looks to roll – Columbus, OH – Uncertainty hit Columbia’s food trucking industry this week, with an announcement that the owner of Fat Chicks Chow Wagon was selling her truck and the owners of Sunflower Waffle are leaving Mojo’s to get their truck on the road.

Fat Chick’s Chow Wagon, which opened in March 2011, closed in early July because of mechanical problems with the truck, according to a July 9 tweet from proprietor Lisa Nichols. On Monday, her Facebook post was brief: “For sale. $13,000 🙁 ”

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September 16

Simmering food truck debate in Birmingham City Hall – Birmingham, AL – A small convoy of food wagons will pull into Railroad Park today at the first Trucks By the Tracks festival, billed as a celebration of Birmingham’s growing food truck scene.

On Tuesday, though, the Birmingham City Council is scheduled to consider an ordinance that would limit where those food trucks could park and the hours in which they could operate, as well as create an annual fee that some truck vendors say might cause them to move outside the city limits.

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Food Trucks Battling Auburn City Council’s Limitations – Auburn, CA – There’s a feud simmering in Auburn, food trucks versus standing businesses. Now, city council is stepping in. Maria Moreno has quite a following. “I love it. I love my cooking. I love to be with the people and I like it,” said Moreno.

Her food truck, Maria’s Mexican Tacos, attracts a lot of customers in Auburn and is serving as a great source of extra income. “With the economy right now, it’s quiet in the restaurant. I try and go out to pay the bills,” said Moreno. The only problem, there are restrictions on food trucks in downtown and old town Auburn.

“I’m not trying to take away business from everybody,” said Moreno.

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