In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Binghampton, Miami, San Jose and Los Angeles.

September 20

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsFood trucks could be heading to downtown Binghamton – BINGHAMPTON, NY – Eli Enav peaked inside a bright orange Halal food cart on a downtown sidewalk Friday afternoon, just as a Styrofoam container filled with lamb meat smothered in sauteed onions and bell peppers emerged.

The 21-year-old Binghamton University student, from Washington, D.C., watched as the cart’s owner, Paul Muzzio, 23, applied a final touch to the dish called a gyro platter, covering it in his sweet and tangy version of a traditional tzatziki sauce, a yogurt, mint and chopped cucumber mixture.

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Co-workers set-up gunman after stealing from lunch truck – MIAMI, FL – A group of co-workers turned the tables on a suspected crook after he robbed a lunch truck. The alleged robber thought he was getting help from a stranger, but it was all a set-up.

“Basically, we took care of the robber. We made it easy-peasy for the police,” said Daniel Quintero who chased down the suspected gunman.

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September 21

Americans Hungry for Hipster Foods – So maybe the chance to taste the flaky spawn of a doughnut and croissant won’t get you lining up at the crack of dawn. Maybe you’re holding out for a burger nestled between fried ramen noodles. Or perhaps it’s the elusive McRib that moves you.

Whatever flies your foodie flag, it’s hard to deny that Americans love feeling part of something deliciously exclusive, that they clamor to taste trendy, hard-to-get morsels.

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Microloans Surging in Silicon Valley – SAN JOSE, CA – A daycare provider needed cribs and high chairs. A coffee truck needed a generator. A couple renting party supplies needed to move from a garage into a storefront.
When these Silicon Valley small businesses needed an influx of cash, and fast, they didn’t find help at a bank. They turned instead to a type of financing more commonly associated with buying a sewing machine for a Guatemalan tailor or a tractor for an African farmer…microlending.

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September 22

Food trucks to roll into LAX, continue weekly at Long Beach Airport – LOS ANGELES, CA – The food truck craze that has swept the nation will soon roll up to Los Angeles International Airport.

No, airport security won’t allow food trucks to pull to the curb of the terminal. Instead, an airport concession operator plans to install the shell of a food truck inside of Terminal 4. The fake truck will be outfitted inside with grills, pots, pans and other equipment to serve food.

Starting Nov. 1, the food truck will be operated by food truck chefs based in Los Angeles, who will rotate in once a year or so.

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