In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Atlanta, Wichita, Durango, Chicago and East Lansing.

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September 21

Food trucks embraced OTP – Atlanta, GA – While conducting interviews for the story on the police citations at Food Truck Wednesday in Virginia Highlands back in August, I had an illuminating conversation with Bettie Cagle, the organizer behind the gathering.

While discussing the restrictive nature of the Atlanta permitting process, Cagle mentioned that many of the food truck operators have been looking more and more to locations outside the perimeter to get away from the frustrations the face dealing with the City of Atlanta.

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Food Trucks Roll into Wichita – Wichita, KS – It’s an idea gaining popularity across the nation: Taking a restaurant, putting it on four wheels – and making it mobile.

Now, the food truck craze is rolling into Wichita.

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September 22

Food truck phenomenon rolling into Durango? – Durango, CO – Walk around cities such as New York, Portland and San Francisco, and it’s hard to miss the clusters of brightly colored food trucks perched on corners and tucked between buildings.

Durango has yet to experience the full force of the food-truck phenomenon, but there’s reason to believe that soon may change. Several factors are at play, including city plans to address mobile vending in its planning code revisions, support for food trucks among elected officials at the city and diligent work by a few business owners to push for food cart-friendly regulations.

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September 23

The Check Please! Food Truck Fest delivers – Chicago, IL – Thanks in part to the Mayor’s support, Chicago food trucks are hot.

WTTW’s Check Please! was very smart to pick up on the trend by hosting their own Food Truck Fest, which was held last Friday evening. The concept was especially appealing to suburban-types like me, who know about food trucks but haven’t had much experience with them.

I absolutely love the idea of a food truck fest. And in spite of the fact that the weather was cold, rainy and generally miserable, I had a great time.

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Michigan State University Introduces Campus Food Truck – EAST LANSING, MICH. – Michigan State University Culinary Services has introduced a new dining option on campus with a food truck, Eat at State On-the-Go, serving burgers, sandwiches, salads, snacks and drinks year-round.

“Food helps build community, and that’s exactly what our new food truck will be doing on campus,” said Guy Procopio, director for MSU Culinary Services. “It’s going to make Eating at State more portable and convenient. We’re constantly looking at creative ways to enhance and support our community without necessarily relying on traditional food services, which is what we’ve done with Eat at State On-the-Go.”

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