NEW YORK, NY – Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was very free with his, uh, weiner. And this week, a New York City food truck was also free with their weiners, giving out complimentary hotdogs to passersby on the street.

Weiner Mobile

Photo: Courtesy of Joey Goodwin and John Gagliano for Good Days Marketing/Unruly Heir

A company called Good Days, which is the official marketing arm of clothing company Unruly Heir, has seemingly cornered the market on rapidly deploying fake products to tweak the Zeitgeist. Joey Goodwin says his Anthony Weiner–themed “Weiner Mobile,” which is festooned with sexting-charcuterie puns and decorated with a caricature of the mayoral hopeful, isn’t affiliated with any campaign but is dispensing free hot dogs. Unruly Heir co-founder Joey Goodwin told Grub Street that the truck isn’t affiliated with any campaign and isn’t actually a functional food truck. The free weiners were purchased by the company from a local hot dog shop.

Weiner has taken plenty of heat for the recent revelation that he has been involved in lewd online conversations with women after his resignation from Congress in June 2011. Despite the criticism, the Democrat is refusing to pull out of the New York City mayoral race.