WEST COLUMBIA, SC – When it comes to lunchtime dining options, sometimes walking or hunting for a parking space in dense areas with lots of restaurants isn’t feasible for a variety of reasons including the weather or time constraints. So heading across the river to the more spacious Lexington County seems like a good idea, except the options are fewer and far between, with less variety.

To remedy the lesser variety of food options available, Christina Suvarna, and April McEntire of Outdoor Wood Furniture at 718 Meeting St., proposed the idea to West Columbia City Council of a permanent food truck food court in the vacant lot next to the business. The City of West Columbia defines a food truck food court as two or more trucks offering food or beverage for sale.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on Oct. 26 at which they recommended approval of the food truck court by City Council. And at the Nov. 16 Council meeting, the first reading of the proposal was approved. It’s scheduled for a second reading at the Dec. 1 Council meeting.

Members of the Planning Commission seemed to be on board with the idea, allowing grace periods and amendments to current food truck policy to allow the businesswomen some flexibility as they see how this idea develops over the first year.

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