We’re not sure what rock the town council of West Yellowstone, MT just crawled out from under, but welcome to 2016! The elected officials discussed food trucks and the possibility of them operating on public property within their city limits. To our surprise they’ve missed the last 8 years and the growth of the mobile food industry and those quoted by westyellowstonenews.com seemto think the only place for a food truck is to be part of one of their city festivals.

WEST YELLOWSTONE, MT – The possibility of new ordinances regulating the use of mobile food trucks in West Yellowstone was a topic of discussion Tuesday evening as the Town Council met for a work session at Town Hall.

While West Yellowstone currently is the home of two “semi-mobile” food vendors located on private property, it was the general consensus of the council that it does not want to see mobile food vendors on public property.

“I am not in favor of it on public land at all for both aesthetic and political reasons. I have been down this road of allowing business competition on public property and it is never pretty,” Mayor Jerry Johnson said.

“Why do we really need them other than at special events? I just don’t see the point of having them,” Councilman Pierre Martineau added.

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