BOSTON, MA – Over the past few weeks, Staff Meal and Phantom Gourmet have been duking it out over food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants, and whether or not they should be able to reside alongside one another. The debate originated when the owner of Al’s State Street Cafe, a Phantom Gourmet sponsor, went on their radio show to discuss how food trucks are hurting his business.

phantom gourmet

Not wanting to lose ad dollars from sponsors like Al’s, Phantom Gourmet made very clear they take an anti-food truck stance. As head of the Restaurant and Business Alliance (RABA), Phantom Gourmet’s CEO Dave Andelman also penned an op-ed last week explaining how brick and mortars seemingly have it harder than food trucks in terms of financial operations and outlining guidelines to keep food trucks very far away from them.

Just how many ad dollars does Phantom Gourmet have resting on brick and mortar restaurants? Apparently, a lot.

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