WICHITA FALLS, TX – Having a food truck park in Wichita Falls could soon be a reality.

Tuesday morning city councilors voted to amend the city’s food code and one big change zones some areas downtown to allow a food truck park to be built.

Mobile food vendors are allowed, under certain regulations throughout the city now but this new change will give an investor the chance to build a park where multiple trucks can gather everyday.

Bob Bratcher serves up BBQ with all the fixens out of a food trailer. When he’s not feeding happy customers, he has time to travel spending some time at a food truck park in fort worth.

“People gather and it’s usually pet friendly and that makes it kind of nice for people. I get a kick out of hanging around down there, says Bratcher with Daddy Bob’s Smokewagon.

Soon, he may not have to go to the Metroplex to enjoy a day at the park because some areas of town are now eligible to have a park built.

“An individual can purchase or rent a piece of property and allow multiple food trucks to come up,” says Director of Health Lou Kreidler.

If that park is built with sewer, electric and a central prep facility those trucks could even stay overnight, an opportunity brasher would be willing to invest in.

“I think it would probably be a great benefit, a real spot where everybody could get together,” says Bratcher.

Kreidler says it’s that interest that pushed the city to change the food ordinance.

“There have been a couple people that have been interested. One individual has already has a piece of property that they have in mind and is in the process of submitting plans,” says Kreidler.

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