WICHITA FALLS, TX – There’s also a shakeup planned right here in Wichita Falls when it comes to our food industry. Wichita Falls planning officials have cooked up a proposal to bring more eating choices to downtown.

Major cities like New York City, Atlanta and Dallas have locations where food trucks vendors congregate to sell their cuisine. And now, Wichita Falls planning officials are working to roll out food courts for food truck vendors in downtown.

Good eats are available at restaurants in Downtown Wichita Falls, like gypsy Kit Cafe and Catering.
But soon outdoor courts could be rolling in the downtown.

“Individual trucks can go onto property and sell their food. What the food courts do, by our definition, is that it allows two or more to locate within an outdoor food court,” says Loren Shapiro, Planner III with the City of Wichita Falls.

And based on a proposal recently passed by the city planning and zoning commission that court would be in the River Developmental District, seen here in green and the Light Industrial District, which is indicated in gray on this Planning and Zoning map.

The proposal would not only serve up a larger variety of cuisine in Downtown Wichita Falls but officials say it would also draw more people to the area.

People… city officials say would get a taste of what downtown has to offer and continue coming back.
Downtown patrons, like Bryson Petersen and Chance Harmon, agree.

“I think that is the coolest thing that I’ve heard in a long time. That will bring so many more people down here and the food from the food trucks are always good so I’ll be down here more,” says Petersen, who lives in Wichita Falls.

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