WILLIAMSPORT, PA – The threat of too many food options could overrun hungry lunchtime diners in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Unless the nanny-state bureaucrats have something to say about it.

The Williamsport city planning commission is considering rules that would harshly regulate food trucks in the downtown drag in Williamsport, as local brick-and-mortar restaurants complained enough to get their considerations on the agenda. The claimed rationale is for increased safety for consumers, but it’s clear the city is just kneeling to the whim of the more powerful restaurant businesses.

Food trucks here pay $80 per year for health and safety permits and $10 per day for parking. The new proposals being considered would increase permits to $150 per month and place harsher restrictions on where food trucks could park and operate, as well restrict the time of day they can serve customers. The proposals would decimate the food truck industry in the city, effectively outlawing more than one in any high-traffic area.

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