CAROLINA BEACH, NC – The Wilmington Fire Department is voluntarily conducting food truck fire inspections.

Fire Marshal Sammy Flowers said the check is complimentary to food truck owners, because current state law does not require food trucks to have regular fire safety inspections.

“They’re gonna be here, so we figure we’d partner with them and get their permission to allow us in there to look at their operation through a fire code officials eyes,” Flowers said. “They don’t have to adhere to the recommendations we give them, we just suggest they do.”

After a food truck caught fire and exploded in Greensboro this summer, Flowers said he knew he had to take action in Wilmington to make sure it didn’t happen again.

WFD compiled the checklist used during the voluntary inspections by researching what other states require when it comes to food truck fire safety inspections as well as what is required of brick and mortar restaurants.

General manager and owner of T’Geaux Boys food truck, Nick Rock, said he thinks it’s remarkable WFD is doing this on their own.

“It’s comforting to know they’re just offering to do this, for nothing, so that the community can be safe,” Rock said.

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