WILMINGTON, DE – While most business owners are optimistic that a proposal to license food trucks on streets in Wilmington’s downtown will bring bankers out of their high rise office buildings and on to the streets during their lunch hour, a few restaurateurs said they don’t see how adding more competition will be good for their bottom line.

“I have had to decrease and cut employees’ time,” said India Sutton, the general manager of The Rat Pack Bistro at 300 Delaware Avenue.

Sutton said the drastic measures came this summer when four food trucks were stationed across the street from the restaurant and doesn’t see how the city’s proposed pilot program allowing specific parking spaces for food trucks throughout the Central Business District will be any different.

“You could potentially put somebody out of business,” Sutton said. “It just killed us. It really did.”

Sutton, other restaurateurs and food truck operators spoke Wednesday at a Wilmington City Council committee meeting about the ordinance that would institute a pilot program allowing food trucks on city streets.

Our Take: Sure food trucks are competitors to restaurants, but then again, maybe the Rat Pack Bistro should look at themselves before casting dispersions against food trucks…here are a few excerpts from their Yelp reviews…

Maybe it was the coldness of the mid march morning but it seemed street folk were in here to get warm. Staff seem angry and listless.

I was looking forward to visiting this restaurant, having never been there before but after the HORRIBLY rude service I just received on the telephone from the manager and then the OWNER, I will NEVER visit this restaurant!!

I been to the Rat Pack Cafe on Delaware Ave 3 times, the two times I went was in the morning and the 3rd was in the afternoon. Both times in the morning the cashier was NOT friendly at all.

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