WINCHESTER, VA – As it stands now, Winchester has never had an ordinance on the food truck industry.

Lately however, according to public documents, a number of recent inquiries into the city’s food truck laws prompted City Council to form a committee to help draft some food truck regulations.

Maybe surprisingly, he city’s self-proclaimed first gourmet food truck doesn’t think they will hurt. Jack Knuckle Gourmet (JKG) wants to see the city become a so-called “food truck Mecca.”

“I can’t wait to get together with the other food trucks in the area,” said Abigail Gomez, co-owner of JKG. “We’ve met one other food truck owner, and I’ve heard about several others being started.”

If Winchester City Council passes its first food truck ordinance, vendors would be required to pay $500 a year for an operating permit. However, JKG and other local vendors see the regulations, and additional fees, as a sign of support.

“The biggest pro that I saw [within the proposed ordinance] was that [City Council is] focused on the growth ofWinchester,” said Steve Callahan, JKG’s other co-owner and resident chef. “Which is great for us, because we’re a small business.”

“I’m really surprised and excited about how fast [City Council has] worked on this project,” Gomez added. “They’ve been very proactive and very encouraging.”

Since JKG opened in September, the gourmet food truck has been well received by the local residents. JKG’s co-owners believe if City Council passes some regulations on food trucks, the city is on the right track to encourage other nearby food truck owners to bring their delicious food to Winchester.

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