WINDSOR, ONTARIO – Ward 4 candidate Adriano Ciotoli is advocating for the easing of restrictions on food trucks within Windsor.

Ciotoli believes food trucks should be permitted within Windsor to not only support the entrepreneurial spirit and create vibrancy within the city, but to also spur economic growth and job creation, all the while creating a revenue stream for the city at virtually no cost.

“Creating jobs is still the top issue residents are discussing on their doorsteps and it is something the other candidates simply haven’t addressed,” Ciotoli said. “My plan to permit food trucks is a simple, cost-effective way for the city to support the entrepreneurial spirit, small business, and create jobs, all while creating a vibrant, modern city and a destination for residents and tourists alike.”

Ciotoli’s plan includes creating pods within the city allowing food truck operators to pay a monthly fee to operate, creating a revenue stream for the city to reinvest in beautifying the parks and areas the trucks are located. The plan would also allow Business Improvement Areas to opt-in or out of permitting food trucks within their district.

As a leader in culinary tourism in Windsor and the province, Ciotoli was happy to see the City of Windsor recently invest over $60,000 to help further the sector in our region. He believes permitting food trucks would help ensure a return on the investment.

Ciotoli hosted a food truck rally this past weekend which attracted over 5,000 people eager to sample from several food trucks, demonstrating the demand residents have for the mobile businesses.

“With more and more cities permitting food trucks, the evidence is building that their addition to the streetscape has actually benefited brick-and-mortar businesses, including restaurants, as a result of higher foot traffic.”

On average, a food truck costs $50,000-$75,000 to start-up versus the $250,000-$500,000 for a restaurant.

Ciotoli currently has an online petition advocating easing restrictions for food trucks on his website.

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