The mobile food industry may be still expanding in the United States, but the largest growth happening may be outside of our borders. As this article explains Winnipeg and Manitoba are the latest cities in Canada to see exponential growth. This growth is very similar to how the food truck industry in the US started in major metro areas only to lead to the rest  of the country tapping into this trend.

WINNIPEG, CANADA – Groundhogs might signal spring, but food trucks signal summer, and Winnipeg has plenty of four-wheeled fare.

“Food trucks are associated with summer,” said Steffen Zinn, president of the Winnipeg Food Truck Alliance (WFTA). “When the food trucks are out, everyone is like, ‘summer is here!’”

A number of food trucks will be out Friday for the Best of Fest Event on Carlton Street, because as event organizer Jason Syvixay said, “Winnipeggers love food trucks,” but they represent just a handful of the mobile food offerings rolling with the growing trend.

The provincial department that issues operating permits for all food trucks and hot dog carts in Manitoba notes there has been a 54.6 per cent increase in permits issued in the past five years.

Last summer there were permits issued to 270 food trucks and 251 hot dog carts.

A spokesperson said there have already been 211 permits issued early in this summer 2016 season, but there will be “at least as many as in the last fiscal year once owners start their operations for the summer.”

Specifically in Winnipeg, Zinn said the steady number is normally “hovering around the 30 mark in the city.”

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