Woodbury CT Wrestles With How to Handle Food Trucks

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WOODBURY, CT – At a time when some officials in town are worrying about the impact on established businesses of food trucks, several residents at a Zoning Commission meeting Tuesday spoke in favor of a seafood truck located in the a business district along Route 6.

Anton Gonch, the owner of the Elliot Seafood Truck, is applying for a special permit to operate.

“I fully support him coming here. I never see a parking problem. People come and they go. It’s very orderly, it’s very neat, and I think it’s respectful of the flavor of the Woodbury community,” said resident Carolyn Shay.

According to the zoning minutes from last September, it was discovered that the seafood truck was operating without a permit—the discovery came when there was an application for a special permit for a taco truck in the same location.

The Zoning Commission then issued a cease-and-desist for the seafood truck last fall.

Zoning chairman Martin Overton said that he was told the town had issued a pedlar’s permit, or something similar, which was adequate for the seafood truck. So there was no permit violation. According to the minutes, the seafood truck has been in the area since 1968.

“When the taco truck came along and we went back into the records, we didn’t find that to be true,” said Mr. Overton of the pedlar’s permit.

The Zoning Commission approved the taco truck in November at the location of Flooring America by Linihan Sotheby Realty. The taco truck operates six days a week, while the seafood truck operates one day a week.

Lawrence Mulligan, the attorney who is representing Mr. Gonch, presented the commission with a petition in support of the seafood truck.

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