World Street Food CongressSINGAPORE – From the Jolly Jeeps in Philippines, the Kaki Limas in Indonesia, Falafel stands in the Middle East, food trucks and burger stalls in America, street stalls in Bangkok, tacos stands in Mexico, street food inns in China and hawker stalls plus food courts in Singapore and Malaysia to the cafes and fine restaurants that take comfort street food to an exquisite level, an overwhelming majority of the world rely on comfort street food regularly for sustenance and better profit margins. It is the biggest, most loved, yet most unstructured culinary culture in the world.

In today’s global landscape, it is as much a part of our heritage as is music or the performing arts that represents a menu of migrations: geographical and cultural movements of ingredients, cuisines, habits etc. It is a continuously evolving scene and there is no better time than to steer this interest onto a diligent platform that aims to stir the world’s emotions and dares ask; While we have the luxury to enjoy a thriving food scene, what are we doing to conserve a fast fading food legacy?

This event is designed to open up fresh ideas and thought leadership to formulate and structure new opportunities in this massive, most unstructured food culture and industry worldwide. Organised by Makansutra, the event is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and comprises of 3 components; The World Street Food Dialogue, The World Street Food Jamboree and The World Street Food Awards.

On May 31st, Singapore will play host to the inaugural World Street Food Congress (WSFC). This 10-day event aims to celebrate the richness and vibrancy of street food cultures from
around the world in one place – the F1 Pit Building and Paddock. The event, organized by Makansutra and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, will be a three-fold manifestation: it will kick off with a 10-day feasting festival, The World Street Food Jamboree, where up to 40 of the world’s best hand-picked hawkers will offer their artisanal fare. There’s also The World Street Food Dialogue – a two-day thought leadership, networking and ideas conference on June 3rd and 4th; and, thirdly, an awards event to recognize up to 16 top street food industry players of various disciplines from around the world. In addition, several key note speakers for the event include: Jose Andreas; William Wongso of Indonesia; and Thailand’s Iron Chef Ian Kittichai and more.

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