YORK, PA – As it currently stands, only Darren Borodin – a Long Island, New York native – is the only food cart vendor allowed to work in York’s business district.

“I think it’s a win-win, I think the people of the city like it,” Borodin said.

Soon that may change and Borodin hopes it does.

“I like to stay open minded to the opportunity of other people coming in,” Borodin said. “I am confident in what I do and I guess with hopes it would bring in hopefully people who wouldn’t normally come downtown.”

City Council is considering allowing as many as 26 vendors to sell from food carts on city sidewalks. Food truck chef Obi Linton says food carts could pave the way for food trucks.

“It’s an opening, a segue to the possibility of having food trucks in the city,” Linton said. “I think food carts is a start to a new change and we are the next step, I believe.”

Food carts have been a hot topic dating back to last year. They provide a quick and easy meal for those in a hurry, but restaurant owners say it will hurt their bottom line.

“If you get those food trucks here we won’t be as busy as we normally are, so we will probably lose a lot of money,” said Yanira Nieves, who works at Marcello’s Pizza.

Nieves hopes the council will keep the status quo.

“If it could stay the way it is, I would be happy,” Nieves said.

Food carts are expected be discussed heavily during the council’s meeting Wednesday night.

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