YORK, PA – A bill to legalize and regulate food trucks in York will be introduced March 3 to the York City Council, with a potential vote coming at the council’s March 17 meeting.

The proposed ordinance was discussed by council members for more than an hour Wednesday at the city’s committee meeting.

The 12-page ordinance contains language surrounding times of operation, licenses and fees and other regulations. A license would cost $300 annually and trucks would be allowed to serve food between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The earliest council could vote on the bill is March 17, said Carol Hill-Evans, council president. If approved, the bill would become law 20 days after council approves it, she said.

Council members heard concerns from two business owners Philip Given, co-owner of York City Pretzel Company, and Jordan Pfautz, co-owner of Baron Von Schwein. They both want to operate food trucks in York.

There should not be any time restrictions on when a food truck can operate in York, Given said. Being that restaurants open and close at different hours, regulating that is ridiculous, he said.

The proposed June 30 deadline for submitting applications is totally arbitrary, said Pfautz, who operates a food truck in Lancaster.

Some council members debated whether allowing food trucks would create an unfair playing field for existing restaurants.

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