We are glad to hear that nobody was severely injured in the accident. Let’s hope that Jordan had proper insurance on the vehicle including insurance that will cover the daily losses of revenue while the truck is off the road.

YORK, PA – Drivers on Route 30 may have noticed one of the area’s most well-known food trucks sitting crumpled and damaged in a parking lot.

The food truck belongs to Baron Von Schwein, the York-based purveyor of smoked pork and chicken. The truck was damaged in a multi-vehicle accident on northbound Interstate 83, said company owner Jordan Pfautz.

The good news, said Pfautz, is that the employee driving the vehicle sustained only minor injuries to his knee.

The bad news is, the company’s only food truck is out of commission indefinitely.

“We typically have the truck running three to five days a week,” he said. “We’re going to lose a lot of revenue.”

The food truck was headed to the Cincinnati Big Beer Festival, Pfautz said, though it never got past Emigsville after something went awry with a tractor trailer on the road ahead of it.

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