Congratulations to the Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza Truck from Albertville, Alabama for winning the Mobile Cuisine 2014 Pizza Food Truck of the Year!

Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza: Pizza Food Truck Profile

This duo has hit the Huntsville, Alabama food truck scene with a bang.  Business partners Tina Ford and Stan Stinson opened their doors, um… their wood-firing pizza oven, in May 2013.  With over a year in business, the Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza Truck is a mainstay of the Huntsville food truck scene.

Earth & Stone Wood Fired PizzaFord and Stinson, with their backgrounds in Marketing and Operations respectively, have taken to making pizzas quite well.  They couldn’t do it without the help of their “pizza guru,” Kevin Lindsey.  “Kevin can make pizzas so fast, we barely have time to finish the transaction before he has it in the oven.  It’s quite amazing to watch him slap a pizza, top it and it be so beautiful and well made,” comments Ford.

The Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza Truck has many delicious flavor combinations.  Their best seller is aptly called The Favorite, of course.  This pizza is made with their signature white sauce, a mozzarella/provolone blend, Italian sausage, thinly sliced red onion and topped with fresh basil.  “The combination of flavors is phenomenal,” boasts Ford.

The Favorite sounds incredible.  They have many other pizzas to tickle your taste buds, like their seasonal pizza available in the Fall.  It’s got their signature white sauce and cheese blend and it’s covered in roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, goat cheese and fresh basil.  With combinations like that, we can see why they were voted the best pizza food truck!

Like many food truck operators, their favorite part about running the truck is meeting their customers.  They love greeting their customers and are always excited to watch them eat their pizzas.  One of their favorite customer stories took place at a corporate event where a self-proclaimed “pizza expert” was skeptical about getting good pizza from a mobile oven.

Earth & Stone Wood Fired PizzaNeedless to say, he’s now a regular customer that LOVES their pizza.  “I giggle every time I think about that day that changed his life forever as far as pizza is concerned,” comments Ford.  We love the idea of changing people’s perception of mobile food – one dish at a time.

In addition to the three of them, their families have been instrumental in getting the business off the ground.  From consulting and additional pizza-making hands, one person stands out.  Stan’s father. He has been the official taste tester and their biggest fan from the beginning.  That’s a pretty awesome job.

We asked if they’d served anyone famous.  “We are working on that!”  Apparently, if the chart-topping, country/pop singer and pizza lover, Taylor Swift, ever hires them for a catering job, their daughters agreed to work for free for the rest of their lives.  Someone needs to put a shout-out to the Swift camp!  As Ford jokes, “Who wouldn’t want free labor from their children for the rest of their lives?”

We wondered if there were plans for expansion or even a brink’n mortar in the future.  The answer is yes.  They’re considering both.  They don’t like turning down events.  When fresh, delicious pizza is made in front of you, we imagine the demand to be high.

We’re extremely happy for their success.  Congratulations to the Tina and Stan on their continued hard work and pizza-creating mastery!  Your customers love you and we’re excited that you won the 2014 Mobile Cuisine Pizza Food Truck of the Year!