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If you haven’t heard yet, Big Truck Tacos of Oklahoma City has been awarded the title of America’s Favorite Food Truck through a competition held by Food Network. In winning this award, this OKC team has been given the chance to compete in the second season of Food Network’s “The Great Food Race.” In addition to this fantastic opportunity, the truck owners (Chris Lower, Cally Johnson and Kathryn Mathis) were awarded the monetary sum of $10,000.

Garnering the most support during the competition, this team was able to outshine more than 300 food truck owners from across the country. Although not exactly sure what they will do with their new found winnings, they had the feeling that they would spend some of it on renovating their truck.

The fare this truck is serving in the Oklahoma City metro area is more elaborate than most. A major difference between Big Truck Tacos and traditional taquerias is that the tacos and burritos aren’t entirely reliant on salsas for taste. Whether you order beef, bison, pork, tongue or fish, each selection comes packed with the flavor of herbs, garlic and onion. The tacos are served Mexican style, or in laymen’s terms, doubled tortillas with no option of a deep fried shell. Unlike their Mexican counterparts, Big Truck gives you a choice of corn or flour tortillas.

According to Lower, “Their idea was to create street food with a twist.” As shown through the number of votes they received, it appears that not only have they accomplished this feat, but they have found a strong following that agrees with them.

Congratulations go out to Big Truck Tacos, and we at Mobile Food Magazine look forward to following you on the next season of The Great Food Race.

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