To follow our Meatless Monday theme, we bring you a profile of one of Los Angeles’ only vegetarian food trucks.

The Dosa Truck is the brainchild of Brooklyn born, Leena Deneroff. Ms Deneroff grew up eating from many NY food trucks as well as from other various street food vendors. She had always wanted to open a restaurant, but couldn’t afford to do so financially. The mobile food trend allowed her to fulfill her dreams in 2009. The truck’s name originates from the style of South Indian cuisine they serve. The dosa is explained on their website as, “Take a crispy sourdough crepe made from rice and lentil flour… stuff it with regional and gourmet ingredients and roll it long and thin and you’ve got a DOSA.“ In our opinion the best way to describe the dosa is to take a French crepe, introduce it to a Mexican quesadilla and then match the pair with Indian pesto.

One of the standard vegan friendly menu items is the Sita’s Surprise. This dosa comes packed with a blend of spiced sweet potatoes. If you are a vegan, be sure to ask for it or any of your other orders without chutney which contains dairy ingredients. A rotating menu item from the truck is the Shiva’s Garden which comes with a tasty blend of chopped avocados, caramelized onions, and baby heirloom tomatoes.

Although known for their dosas, the Dosa Truck does serve additional fare. They serve other Indian inspired menu items such as the Samosa. It is filled with yellow curry, peas, and potatoes. How can you go wrong with a fried shell stuffed with fluffy spiced potatoes sprinkled with fennel seeds and choice of dipping sauce?

While dosas and samosas are a continual menu item, the Dosa Truck also carries items such as desserts, appetizers and salads such as the Channa Chaat. This salad is a cold chickpea salad served on greens with baby tomatoes, it is a cool and refreshing compliment to all the other hot dishes featured on the truck’s menu.

No matter what you order, you will find what many of the Dosa Truck’s customers have found.  Their food is delicious enough to repeat the quote from the side of the truck “ommm good.”

Dosas are an ideal street food that you can easily eat on while you walk or shop in the area the truck is visiting.

Follow the Dosa Truck on Twitter @dosatruck, or at their website.

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