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Before you dive into your veggies, get to know the winner of Mobile Cuisine’s 2014 Food Truck BBQ Of The Year Off The Grill of El Paso, Texas!

This young entrepreneur is taking El Paso by storm.  Adrian Padilla’s passion is fueling his every move.  I asked why start this business while you’re still in high school.  This young man of faith answered, “Once God put this plan in my heart, it just didn’t make sense to wait.”

off the grill“The business itself was inspired by a vision my Grandpa kind of planted,” he explained.  Adrian’s close relationship with his Grandfather taught him a lot about business, who had run his own business successfully for 30 years.  His Grandfather saw the spark in Adrian and encouraged him to start out on his own.  When his Grandfather passed away, Adrian shared his plans with his family and supported him without hesitation.  It was a way to honor his Grandfather and continue his legacy.

Every entrepreneur has that spark, but why grilling?  Adrian said he had fun experimenting with rubs, spices and online recipes on his favorite food – MEAT.  For a city known for “insanely good” Mexican food, he wanted to “do something (else) Texas is known for and felt there was a need for more BBQ.”

Off The Grill was conceived as a prelude to a restaurant, and of course, his love for grilling.  Adrian wanted the name to translate well from a truck to a brick’n mortar.  The name got family approval.  Once he had the name, he partnered with Rigo’s graphics to fulfill his vision giving El Paso something that hadn’t seen before.

Adrian’s favorite part of running the truck is having a close relationship with his customers.  He loves meeting new people, getting out and shaking hands (when time allows), sharing food and telling his customers “Have a great day and maintain!”  After a local media outlet profiled him, an unfamiliar woman contacted him.  She and her family were long-time neighbors of his Grandfather.  They came to the truck, enjoyed some food and stuck around to share priceless stories of his Grandparents.  It’s that interaction that keeps him excited and driven.

With all of his success, the lines might be long at the truck.  His favorite dish is the BBQ Taco, infusing his culture into this pulled pork, pico de gallo salsa and a little bit of lime creation.  Oddly, this best seller wasn’t even on his original menu.

off the grill bbqWe asked him where he sees himself in the future.  Joking around he replied, “Ellen!  Ellen!  Ellen!!”  Realistically, he wants to open a brick’n mortar restaurant, but his immediate plans are to “help the food truck industry here in El Paso.  There are so many wonderful, delicious trucks our here.  I’d really like to change that ‘lunch truck’ stigma that most are familiar with.”  With Off The Grill on the streets delivering mouth-watering dishes, we are confident that change will happen.

In his spare time, which we imagine is quite scarce, Adrian likes to DJ.  He loves all genres of music and has been known to bring his DJ equipment along and add to your food trucking experience.  We like the idea of hitting all of your senses with Off The Grill flavor!

Off The Grill was created in the hopes of building on his Grandpa’s family legacy.  “I wanted to be a blessing to my family just as he was to his,” stated Adrian.  We can feel the passion in every move of this young man.  His faith, family and the memory of his Grandfather inspire all that he does.

On his first day at a Food Truck Circus event Adrian exclaimed to his mother, “This is going to be awesome!”  In the short time Off The Grill has been on the road, it certainly has been awesome!  Congratulations on winning!  We’ll be waiting in lines for those awesome pork tacos too!

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About the Author:

Hannah Ashor is a marketing professional turned co-founder and contributing author to Mobile Cuisine Magazine. She is proud to be a part of this new and exciting sector of the food service industry. She is fueled by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in those she meets regularly. Using her event planning background, she organized Chicago’s first food truck event series; the first of it’s kind in the city. Since that summer, Hannah has met with folks on all sides of the industry and shared it online with the Mobile Cuisine readers. Hannah’s enthusiasm, coupled with her event marketing background makes her editorial contribution a vital part of the organization.


  1. Michael Strout Jul 16, 2014 at 8:18 am

    I was so impressed with this article and the Parallel to our own Journey that I wrote and posted this blog via all of my Social Media Networks! Congratulations Adrian, You are Certainly a “A Winner” and Truely Blessed:
    To My Family, Friends and Faithful Followers,
    Our journey that brought “GottaQ” BBQ Food Truck from Dream to Concept to Reality was a huge exercise in Faith, lessons learned and Ultimately His Open Doors, His Path, His Timing, His Way!! It’s a Journey that Brought Families together, opened doubtful eyes and was the Ultimate Test of Extreme Patience!
    Mobile Cuisine Magazine just published a Profile of the 2014 BBQ Food Truck of the Year Winner, “Off the Grill” that I’d Like to share. His Journey was also about Faith, a Dream and a Path that originated with Elder Family and Belief in God. We were Blessed to Finish 3rd in the contest but couldn’t have lost to a more worthy opponent!
    Follow the Link Below for this Great Story:
    Thanks Richard for Helping us open Many Eyes and even more “Hearts”!!
    We always appreciate what you are doing!
    Janice & Michael
    GottaQ BBQ Food Truck & Catering

  2. Adrian Padilla Jul 18, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Thank you Michael, for the kind words and for sharing my story. This journey has been nothing short of amazing and I am encouraged everyday by the people that the Lord chooses to be in my path-such as yourself.
    To the most supportive family, generous friends, AMAZING city and – I can’t thank you enough, and the exciting thing is I have a feeling this is just the beginning.
    Off the Grill Food Truck

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