Congratulations to Let’m Eat Bräts!

We’re celebrating the winner of Flo’s Fabulous Food Truck ContestLet’m Eat Bräts!!  Authentic German cuisine has come to the Wichita, Kansas area brought to you by German-born and raised Manuela “Manu” English and her Let’m Eat Bräts food truck.

After learning about the contest from her daughter, English considered entering.  It took a bigger push from her daughter to finally enter the contest.  English knew exactly how she’d use the winnings on her 1970 GMC truck, but never dreamed she’d actually win.

Her daughter developed a social media campaign to encourage customer votes in the contest.  They, along with the Wichita food truck community, overwhelmingly supported Let’m Eat Bräts’ candidacy in Progressive Commercial’s contest.  There were over 25 entries.  “We never knew we were that lucky!” exclaimed English about their win.

With the prize, English will be outfitting her food truck with a new diesel generator that will be able to supply all of her cooking equipment more efficiently.  Additionally, it’ll keep the inside of the truck cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter.  Weather in Kansas can be quite extreme.  This new generator will allow her to be on the streets more often in the winter to serve her customers.

Let’m Eat BrätsAfter becoming a U.S. citizen a year ago, English realized her “American Dream” by starting her own business.  She is thrilled that it allows her to share her German heritage and food.  Not only is it the food she loves, it’s what she grew up on.  She loves the interaction with her customers and making their taste buds happy.  Many of them tell her that her food “tasted just like my grandma’s!”  Sometimes there’s no finer compliment.

There’s a brät for everyone.  If you like it traditional, Let’m Eat Bräts has them – beer, cheddar, wiesswurst, and even currywurst.  Other bräts and dishes, such as, schnitzel sandwiches, bierocks, Italian mozzarella bräts and German potato salad are on her regular menu.  English runs regular specials and offers different scratch-made cakes weekly on the truck.

Throughout October, they’re celebrating OktoberFest in their own way.  Don’t be surprised if you see her all dressed up and offering deals and discounts with a German culture trivia questions via their social media.

Manuela English’s background is in all sides of the restaurant industry, but still couldn’t do the job alone.  Her family helps out too.  Her husband and mother-in-law can sometimes be found working on the truck along with her assistant April.  Her daughter helps with all things media related and her son brings customers.

We always ask about a food truck’s future plans.  English says they’re happy right where they are now.  Customers are asking for a restaurant, but she’s not in a huge rush to scout one out just yet.  We’ll be watching them to see how her bratwurst empire grows.

Congratulations to Manuela English and Let’m Eat Bräts on winning Flo’s Fabulous Food Truck Contest!  You are truly deserving of the winnings.  A special thank you goes out to all of the entrants.  You’re all FABULOUS in our book!