Some come to New York City for the five-star restaurants, while others prefer to search for the perfect slice of pizza. Me? I prefer food trucks, the inexpensive, ultra-convenient servants of the average New Yorker. Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican tacos, greasy Philly cheesesteaks or classic ballpark dogs, the vast selection of NYC food trucks will satisfy your appetite—no reservation necessary.

New York City tourists and residents can browse the more than 3,000 street food vendors with their smartphones through the New York Street Food App. My favorite New York City food trucks offer classic comfort food with a few unique touches. Try one of these tasty trucks next time you’re roaming the NYC streets.


The average food truck doesn’t veer too far from a conventional menu. You’ll find burgers, brats and pizza at many of these quick stops. That’s what makes Coolhaus so special. Not only can you order conventional comfort food, Coolhaus also offers unusual concoctions to broaden your horizons. I had Peking duck ice cream with my hot dog, and I’ll never look at the Ben and Jerry’s the same. Check the Coolhaus website for the location and menu updates.

Phil’s Steaks

I’ve had an authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak, but I’d choose a sandwich from Phil’s Steaks every day of the week. His thin slices of steak are filled with flavor. Along with a hoagie bun and Cheese Wiz, it’s hard to find a more appetizing mid-day meal. Phil’s Steaks owns two trucks, “Lil Jawn” and “Big Jawn.” They travel around the streets of NYC Monday through Friday, and you can find out where to track down one of these delicious cheesesteaks at

Schnitzel and Things

Who knew this popular German dish would be such a hit in New York City? Schnitzel and Things is one of the most celebrated food trucks in town. Count me among those who drop what they’re doing when they see that familiar yellow Schnitzel truck parked nearby. Schnitzel and Things offers three different kinds of schnitzel: chicken, pork and cod. Each meat has its own unique flavor, and the breading can’t be beat. Couple with a lemon wedge and a side of Austrian potato salad, this Schnitzel makes for a great afternoon meal.

Go Burger

Traditionalists will prefer Go Burger’s selection of burgers, hot dogs, fries, shakes and salads. This white and red truck makes stops all over Manhattan, and it’s earned a reputation as a quality provider of classic American food. I work near Manhattan, so I eat Go Burger at least once a week. Food trucks are as American as can be, and Go Burger delivers traditional afternoon meals like no one else. Their shakes are the perfect on-the-go dessert. It’s worth it to stop just for a shake alone if the line is reasonable. If you like burgers and fries (who doesn’t?), Go Burger should be a planned eating experience during your trip to Manhattan.

Author: Janie Owens – PR pro, New Yorker, closet hipster

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