New Food Trucks You May Have Missed – Feb 10, 2012

You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine Magazine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.

Fud Truk

This week’s new entries are:

Bethlehem, PA – Lehigh University

Fud Truk

Twitter: @FudTruk

FudTruk is Lehigh’s new on the go restaurant on wheels with a healthy and delicious menu to meet any passerby’s on the go needs.

Chicago, IL

Enemy Kitchen

Twitter: @EnemyKitchen

Food truck serving Iraqi cuisine as part of Feast@SmartMuseumUChi.

Dallas, TX

Cajun Tailgators

Twitter: @CajunTailgators

Scheduled to start rolling out for Mardi Gras season 2012!!!

Little Vessel Grill

Twitter: @Little_Vessel_G

Asian American Fusion

Tin Star Taco Taxi

Twitter: @TinStarTacoTaxi

Taco Taxi on the move in DFW!

Houston, TX

Happy Endings

Twitter: @happyendingsHTX

Inspired by all the other food trucks around town, we serve Asian-fused foods from Japanese hot dogs to Shanghai eggrolls, empanadas, and barbecue pork buns.

Orange County, CA

Cruisin’ Crawfish

Twitter: @CruisinCrawfish

Phoenix, AZ

The Uprooted Kitchen

Twitter: @uprootedkitchen

sharing vegetarian locally!

If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at


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  1. Kim Morgan Feb 12, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Lets see some trucks from Indianapolis, IN. We have a thriving food truck industry!

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