Soon after we began covering Meatless Mondays on MCM we were consistently receiving messages to provide a list of food trucks that carry a vegetarian or vegan menu. We did this by providing a list of these trucks, but only gave short descriptions of each.

We have added to the list since that time, but have also made the commitment to provide our readers with more in-depth profiles of these vegetarian mobile food trucks. Today we will spotlight a food truck in Southern California that not only covers the needs for a vegetarian, but their menu also boasts items for those of you who follow a lifestyle which include vegan and gluten free requirements.

In researching for a vegan or vegetarian food truck to profile, the choice came to us in short order. A simple search on the Web quickly pointed us in a mobile eatery that has received much fanfare from their customers since their opening in June of 2010.

The Seabirds truck is an Orange County based food truck that was created by a New York transplant who wanted to provide this community with healthy, local food that was convenient and fairly priced.

Food Truck Profile: Seabirds Truck

The Seabirds truck was the brain child of owner Stephanie Morgan. This dedicated vegan gave up a job at a New York City investment firm to be able to provide her take on vegan food from a mobile setting. To keep her food fresh and healthy for her customers, Ms. Morgan has teamed up with local food producers such as South Coast Farms, in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County Produce and Tanaka Farms , from Irvine to complete the task.

seabirds truckSince their opening the Seabirds truck is consistently listed as one of the area’s most vegan friendly trucks. One of their loyal fans was quoted as saying, “I love that their menu is plant based. I’m not exactly a fan of meat substitutes, so the fact that Seabirds employs actual vegetables (as opposed to over-processed mock meat) as the focal point of their dishes, honestly, makes me swoon. Every single time!”

The seasonal menu ranges from a quick snack of their “street style” tacos (jerk jackfruit, BBQ tofu and the beer battered avocado) to The Bella (a marinated Portobello mushroom on toasted sourdough with mixed greens, caramelized onions, tomato and pesto mayo). Looking for a side to complete your meal, you also have the options of sweet potato fries, tequila fries and deep fried artichoke hearts. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, be sure to look for their vegan cupcakes to help ease this pang.

Now that her truck is reaching its six month anniversary, some of the advice Ms. Morgan has shared from her journey, is that those who plan to enter this field should, “Shadow someone who does it now. It’s a lot of work so they better be prepared for heavy lifting, long days and un-glamorous conditions.” In the future you may see the idea that sparked this truck to morph into a brick and mortar establishment. We wish Stephanie and her Seabirds truck continued success, and hope she is able to see her plans come to fruition.

As another of the Seabirds truck followers commented, “So, grab your friends and go on an adventure to find Seabirds, then leave satiated with your vitality for life, restored!” If interested, you will be able to find the Seabirds Truck at the Find Art Magazine – Holiday Art Show in Costa Mesa, CA this Thursday from 7 – 11 pm, Or you can follow them on Twitter or their website.

If you own or know of a truck you would like to see profiled for our weekly Meatless Monday coverage, please let us know and we’ll be sure to add them to our ever growing list, and in doing so others will learn about them and can follow those in their area.

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