From LA to NY, mobile street food is springing up everywhere. Projections suggest that by 2020 food trucks will be 2.7 billion dollar industry. Since it’s inception in 2008 the food truck industry has grown to over 7,500 food trucks nationwide. So what are the reasons for continued food truck industry growth? Today we’ll look at five reasons why.

Reasons For Food Truck Industry Growth

Public Perception

So why has the idea of eating from a food truck changed? The simple reason is that public perception has changed. Gone are the day when mobile kitchens were called roach coaches. Over the years, ordinances have been modified or added laws to govern the industry. In doing so, municipalities require that these street food companies are held to the identical safety and sanitation standards of almost any restaurant.


Typically, street food is more affordable than conventional dining options. Without a rent to cover or buildings to support, food truck vendors can run a lean operation cheaper than their brick and mortar dining competitors. To open two are required by a fixed location restaurant to 3 times the quantity of capital than it does to begin a food truck.

Realistically an culinary entrepreneur with 75 thousand dollars can easily start operating a food truck business. Vendors are a tight knit community that operate together in order that everyone benefits from each others company.

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More Options

One food truck parked on the road might go undetected by a hungry lunch crowd. You would like your lunch hot and fast? A food truck offers time starved diners a fast bite with a shorter wait time of a sit down restaurant. Food trucks in nearly every are currently fan favorites. Many include vegetarian and vegan menu items to cater to those following strict diets.

When groups of food trucks park in one area they provide hungry customers a custom tailored menu where they may mix and match their meal based on their tastes. You might get dim sum for an appetizer, walk over to a different truck and get burritos and if you are still hungry, check out a frozen yogurt truck. Every conceivable ethnic, cooking style, and regional meals are represented by food trucks. If you are a food truck follower, the world It’s your oyster.


The brightly colored rigs are fun, the menus are fun, the staff taking your order are fun, and the folks standing in line waiting with your are fun. Food trucks change the atmosphere of the areas they operate. Outside of bad weather, why wouldn’t anyone in any demographic enjoy their time visiting a food truck?

Value Add

Socially conscience foodies realize that street food providers provide jobs and a community in the cities where they run. Because of this they are more willing to give their hard earned cash to a local small business owner than a faceless corporation. Street food vendors also increase sales in the retail areas where they operate. In case your retail small business is lagging, consider inviting a food truck to park near your company.

The Bottom Line

No matter what the reason, the data shows that the food truck industry is here to stay. Not only is it a great small business to start, but food truck fans can’t get enough of them. With that said, more communities need to open their doors with less restrictive regulations so that food truck industry growth can continue.

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